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American Imperialism


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Signing of the Treaty of Paris 1898 (Jules Cambon)
Jules-Martin Cambon, French Ambassador to the United States, signs the Treaty of Paris.

The Big Stick In the Caribbean Sea
Political Cartoon representing Teddy Roosevelt's "Big Stick" policy in the Caribbean and Central America

A Lesson for Anti-Expansionists
"Uncle Sam in progressive stages from childhood in 1783 to 1899, growing in number of states and acreage"

The Monroe Doctrine as Roosevelt's "Big Gun"
Backed by the power of the U.S. Navy, Roosevelt aims a large gun at Europe, represented by a monarch with "claims" in hand, attempting to reach Santo Domingo.

La Fallera D'Oncle Sam (Uncle Sam's Greed)
A greedy Uncle Sam reaches out for Cuba and Spain wishes to protect it from falling into American hands

What Will He Do?
"...from the Minneapolis Tribune, depicts President McKinley holding onto a savage-looking child, the Philippines. He is contemplating whether to “keep” the archipelago, “return” it to Spain, or setting it on his own path. The editors at the…

McKinley Election poster 1900
McKinley/Roosevelt election poster highlighting Republican achievements in economy and liberation of Cuba

A report compiled on the question of Puerto Rico's continuing status as a commonwealth of the United States, including the opinion of the Puerto Rican people and its leadership, as well as expanding from solely focusing on the political status of…

The battle that ended the indigenous resistance to American occupation of the Philippines following the cession of the Philippines from Spain to the United States, at the end of the Spanish-American War (1898), which was fought in June 1914.

Puerto Rican Campaign Map (Spanish-American War)
Map of Puerto Rico under the USA and Spanish flags from August 14 til September 19, 1898. The 23 blue-colored municipalities are under the USA flag and the 55 yellow-colored municipalities are under the Spanish flag.
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