Uncle Sam and the Caribbean (1890's - 1920)


Uncle Sam and the Caribbean (1890's - 1920)


Various political cartoons featuring Uncle Sam leading up to, during and after the acquisition of Puerto Rico, or the liberation of Cuba, from Spain.

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Uncle Sam Watches Lady Liberty and the Spanish Colonies
Uncle Sam watches as the "Goddess of Liberty" heralds freedom for Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippines

Columbia Reaches Out to Oppressed Cuba
Judge magazine centerfold (Feb-6-1897) Columbia reaches out to oppressed Cuba with Blindfolded Uncle Sam in background illustrated by Hamilton

Uncle Sam Balances New Territories
Following the end of the Spanish-American War, Uncle Sam and his new possessions perform together as the world looks on. Depicted as "savage children", the U.S. balances Puerto Rico, Hawai'i, Cuba, the Phillipines and Ladrones (the Mariana…

"A Trifle Embarrassed"
Uncle Sam and Columbia standing at the entrance to the "U.S. Foundling Asylum" as a basket of crying children labeled "Puerto Rico, Cuba, Hawaii, [and] Philippine" is presented to them by a pair of arms representing "Manifest Destiny". Inside the…

School Begins
Quoted from http://praxisandcapital.tumblr.com/post/9576008695/zuky-this-1899-cartoon-published-in-puck

"This 1899 cartoon published in Puck magazine depicts Uncle Sam menacingly waving a stick at children labeled Philippines, Hawaii, Puerto Rico,…

Well I Hardly Know Which to Take First
Uncle Sam dines and Hawai'i (Sandwich Islands), Puerto Rico, Cuba and the Philippines are on the menu, served by President McKinley
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