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"...from the Minneapolis Tribune, depicts President McKinley holding onto a savage-looking child, the Philippines. He is contemplating whether to “keep” the archipelago, “return” it to Spain, or setting it on his own path. The editors at the…

Uncle Sam dines and Hawai'i (Sandwich Islands), Puerto Rico, Cuba and the Philippines are on the menu, served by President McKinley

Following the end of the Spanish-American War, Uncle Sam and his new possessions perform together as the world looks on. Depicted as "savage children", the U.S. balances Puerto Rico, Hawai'i, Cuba, the Phillipines and Ladrones (the Mariana…

Backed by the power of the U.S. Navy, Roosevelt aims a large gun at Europe, represented by a monarch with "claims" in hand, attempting to reach Santo Domingo.

Political Cartoon representing Teddy Roosevelt's "Big Stick" policy in the Caribbean and Central America
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